About our Products…


BrugTech offers the full range of Safety Products like Protective Face Masks. For more information please contact us.


We offer a wide range of Chemicals and Reagents to suit your specific operational needs including Acids, ICP and AAS standards, Buffer Solutions and all dry chemicals. We are a distributor for many leading brands and are fully versed in the safe packing and shipping of dangerous goods to all parts of the world.


BrugTech GmbH is supplier of metallurgical laboratory equipment including furnaces for research & development applications. Drip-melt, cold hearth & pilot production & button & floating zone melting furnaces are also available.


Find the Laboratory Supplies you are looking for, all in one place. Contact us for more information now! The Leading Company in Laboratory EquipmentConsumables & Supplies. 24/7 Customer Service. Flat-Rate Shipping. Dedicated Account Manager. Dedicated Sales Reps.


We carry an extensive range of plastic snap seal bags, sieves, sample trays, charts, generators and many products more.


BrugTech offers solutions to your instrumentation needs. We carry a wide range of spectrophotometry solutions including: AAS, ICP, UV VI. We also supply Sulphur and Carbon analysers.

Fire Assay

All of your fire assay needs are available through BrugTech. Including consumable items such as custom made flux, fluxing reagents including borax, soda ash, silica and litharge.