Magnesia Cupels

BrugTech offers a high-grade Magnesia Cupels used for cleaning furnace spillages.

HTAS Magnesia Cupels are perfectly smooth on the inside, of the right porosity, and are of made of high quality dead burnt magnesia (MgO)

  • HTAS Magnesia Cupels are made from unique blend of DBM and fluxing agent
  • All Cupels absorb approx. 70% of their weight in grams
  • Does not react to atmospheric changes
  • Acquires good mechanical strength
  • Negative to spitting of lead
  • Crack free and no pitting
  • Beads easily removed, no sedimentation
  • Uniform in quality
  • Consistent in cutting losses
  • Rapid absorption of large quantity
  • We supply customized products as to the needs of the customers specification and standards.
High-grade, perfectly smooth HTAS Magnesia Cupels used for cleaning furnace spillages, , made of a unique, high quality blend of DPM and fluxing agent.